Friday, July 8, 2011

Keeping that Cash Flow Flowing

The emotional ups/downs of managing cash flow in a startup isn't for the weak minded. After completely mentally breaking down, losing all hope and resigning to become a "gentleman of the evening" down by the train tracks (wink wink) in order to stay afloat, a check from an account you've been waiting on for 4 months might show up and you are saved from being a low rent version of Richard Gere in American Gigolo for another few weeks.

You get on your knees and thank the Gods for saving you from resorting to turning tricks and try to manage your expenses for the next few weeks, holding off on making supplier payments and praying for another check to show up or for a huge sales week. Its a crazy rollercoaster but you almost become an expert at figuring it all out and it keeps you sharp and thinking about how to really push your business forward and past this hellish phase.

Hell, if it comes down to it, Richard Gere kind of made the Gigolo thing look pretty easy.......aside from all that murder and jail business at the end.

Fred Garvin: Male Prostitute

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