Wednesday, December 10, 2008

First duke & winston gear ever

The first set of shirts came in today and I'm actually happy with the results. Definitely going to make the graphics larger on the next run and tweak other things here and there but for my first experience with the design and printing process, I'm pretty chuffed.

Since this is the first pressing and things will be changing around a bit, these will be cheaper than usual. I only printed a few so they'll be gone real quick. Email me if you want one or to let me know what you think:

**High res product images and online store will be available in a few weeks.

Faded logo on natural T ($25)

Faded logo on Heather Grey T ($25)

Conspiracy on White V-neck ($32)

Also known as the gunpowder plot, this design is taken from a very famous painting of the conspirators who tried to blow up parliament back in the day, 1605 to be exact. Most people outside of the UK are familiar with the incident from the movie, V for Vendetta which mentions it a little. I threw the Duke in the middle of the conspirators for good measure. I'll have a ton of designs like this down the road and i'll get into more detail about each in the future.

Label printed on the back of shirts

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