Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Dog Scarves

So I decided to launch the company with a line of dog scarves to go with the shirts. No real connection there but I figured since I have a bulldog as the brand logo, it might be something interesting to get into. Also I think that until we are ready to put out a wider range of clothing other than shirts, this helps to show some versatility. My plan with these is to come up with a few different styles a year and sell them through upscale pet stores, online and possibly directly at dog parks.

The first batch came in today.....Oversized faded logo on white

With some assistance, I'm going to spend the next week painstakingly fringing up the edges so your dog can get a little of that hipster style. Pretty soon he/she will start drinking PBR and demand to move to Williamsburg.

Will be available for sale on the D&W site soon

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