Tuesday, November 3, 2009

The future of Duke & Winston revisited

Currently trying to raise capital to help with further marketing as well as to expand the line. Expand and do what you ask? Below are some styles I am currently into (why all the navy?...why all the questions?)
Penfield USA Hoodie - Clean, Simple, Duke & Winston

Franklin and Marshall Sweater - I like stuff that blurs the line between preppy & streetwear

From British line, 1971 Reiss - This may be a little heavier than what I'm looking to do in the next few seasons but its still a pretty awesome jacket.

Jcrew White Collar Shirt- This is an awesome shirt but I've decided not to jump into shirts (or jeans) because so many brands do them so well already and if I have nothing unique to add then not worth it.

Not sure where this is from but I like it. Although prevalent in cities like NYC, people are still slowly embracing cardigans in the US (yo what up with you looking like Mr Rodgers?) but it will definitely become a staple. I'm all over it.

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