Saturday, April 3, 2010

How to Make it in America

After the 5th person in less than a week told me I had to watch the new HBO show "How to make it in America", I gave in and started to watch episodes on my computer (I purposefully got rid of my TV over a year ago and I'm a better man for it..although I'm told that a certain "Jersey Shore" is some of the best thought provoking television in decades).

Anyway, "How to make" it is a pretty decent show and the reason so many people suggested it to me is that my day to day pretty much parallels the lives of the two main characters on the show. They are a couple of guys up in NYC hustling and using whatever connections they have to make a name for their Denim and T-shirt line. (Think "Entourage" without the fame, cash or Ari Gold).....I think these characters are mostly motivated to make it rich quick so they can be like Entourage and get more girls as opposed to trying to build a solid and lasting company but this is an HBO show after all.

I've actually had business meetings in NY at some of the same places they film in and have had to deal with the same rejection over and over again just to catch a lucky break and have the process repeat all over after day. The show captures that emotional rollercoaster pretty well.

The past few episodes have gotten off track a little but because it shows the gritty and non glamorous side of trying to launch a business in a city filled with people also trying to do the same, its definitely worth watching for those in the same boat:

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