Monday, April 19, 2010

women be shoppin'!!!!!

I had my first trunk show of the spring/summer at the Philadelphia Designers Market this past Saturday and to put it simply: it was nuts. My initial impression upon getting there was that it was mostly geared towards women and I'd have to sit there for 7 boring hours without selling anything....An hour later, I'd sold out of a bunch of styles and I realized that I've been going after the wrong sex all along. I only had a few women's shirts but that didn't stop the ladies from buying men's tees for themselves, their boyfriends, husdand's, the next door neighbour's second cousins.....nuts.

Once I got home after the show, I wanted to immediately turn the entire company into a women's line but I don't know the first thing about women's wear so decided to stick with what I know. But while Duke & Winston will still be a men's line (slow and steady as they say), I realize the ladies need a lot more love so I'm putting out more women's tees over the next few weeks. Below are a couple that I've very quickly sampled and I'll be adding more soon.


Cecil E. Rudd said...

Alicia wants that pink bulldog shirt. Someone beat her to it on Saturday.

Stan said...

Yeah, go hard on those women's shirts this summer! I'm sure they will outsell the guys versions; too many dudes looking to wear white t's and polo shirts