Sunday, May 23, 2010

Basement Living

Exactly a year ago I was sleeping on a couch next to the washer & dryer in a partially finished basement. I'd spent all my savings and the pennies I got for my beloved Audi (i miss you so much) on launching Duke & Winston and couldn't afford rent. Instead of kicking me out, my roommates (in exchange for free tees) let me move in the basement. I lived down there for 5 months and sometimes wouldn't leave for a few days at a time trying to figure out how to build a business from literally nothing.....Aside from the fact that my back is still knacked up from sleeping on some 1950's grandma couch every day for 5 straight months and also the fact that I think i'm going to die from inhaling all that asbestos (no windows down there), I loved every second of it. At first it was rough. Girls wanted nothing to do with me (wait I thought you said you own the house? you live on the couch? I have to go) and I couldn't go out (can I pay for the PBR with change?) but I soon realized those were all distractions that previously took up too much of my time and I cut them all out to focus on the business 100%. I honestly wouldn't be at this point today if it wasn't for that dark, musty hellhole.

Here is a pic I found of the duke, myself and skipper's nike's hanging out in my basement/bedroom/office/laundry room back in those rough days circa August 2009.

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