Friday, March 18, 2011

This is How I Manage (not in any particular order)

work hard, work smarter, observe, take advantage of lucky situations, provide value, be 100% honest with yourself, have a strong aversion to bullshit, know exactly what you want, change your mind, observe, rework, listen, don't settle, think, research, find the best talent, convince them to work with/for you, don't ever settle, your manufacturers will work faster, better & for less money, figure out how, be convincing, work, think, lay on the couch when super frustrated, figure it out, ralph lauren started out as a door to door tie salesman, get up and get to it, be calm, loose your shit when necessary, calm down, understand your customers, would you buy your product?, why?, why not? be 100% honest with yourself, rework, work late, rise early (difficult), everything else will wait...guaranteed, you don't see anything wrong with not leaving the house/office for a week straight, try to step outside at least for a few minutes a day, they say its good for you mentally, outside is overrated, research, time is your worst enemy..and your best friend, if you can make this business succeed from absolute zero, it will be the greatest accomplishment ever (aside from whoever conceived and actually followed through on krispy kreme dougnuts).

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