Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Avalon Tees - Duke's Best Idea Yet

I love the Jersey Shore..not the "Situation, Snooki, Fist Pump," Shore but Avalon, NJ to be exact. One of the best beach towns on God's green (rated as one of the most desirable zipcodes by Forbes Magazine, so you know its real). Its like New Jersey's version of the Hamptons but not quite as stuffy or pretensions.

Anyhow, while walking around the beach a few months back, I noticed that everyone wears an "Avalon" Tee down there but like standard beach tees everywhere, they are super basic text designs so I decided to come up with a duke & winston Avalon tee and tank top to maybe sell to shore friends and anywhere I could set up. I can't even explain what happened last week when I went down with around 80 shirts. I was totally mobbed and sold out in about 1 hour. A few stores caught wind of the shirts and are picking them up even though its very late in the season. One such store, The Preppy Palm, picked up some shirts on a Friday and were sold out by the next day.

I am now rushing to print up as many as humanly possible to sell through the rest of the summer and will be working on getting picked up by all the local stores by next summer.

I'm also thinking about designing graphics for all the other shore points; Cape May, Sea Isle, Ocean City, Stone Harbor and so for Sea Side Heights where Snooki and company are from, I don't even know where that horrible, awful place is and am convinced it is actually on Long Island.

Check out the avalon tee below and buy on the site @

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