Wednesday, November 2, 2011

New Products - Dog Beds

From the start, the idea was that Duke & Winston would be a line for man AND his best friend. Casual yet refined gear for the modern gentleman plus unique, well designed, limited products for his loyal companion.

While the focus thus far has been on getting the clothing side of the company up and running, I've been slowly putting together a plan for the dog line. Initially I was going to put out leashes, collars, bowls and everything else I could think of but realized I don't want to just slap the duke & winston name on a dog bowl and throw it out there. The new approach is to spend time developing the best product that I can, ever mindful of the fact that "this item already exists, what am I doing to make ours more unique/worth spending $$ on?. While there won't be a lot of product with this approach, each item I put out will be unlike most products already in the market and will be pretty damn awesome if I may say so.

Anyway, decided to start with dog beds and I spent the past 4 months developing two initial styles. One is a variation of the Union Jack, based on a flag I saw online, hanging in a Suit Store (in Paris randomly enough)

union jack flag - inspiration for dog beds

One of the many unofficial versions of the union jack out there, this style is the best I've seen and after making sure it was something I could use, I based the dog bed first dog bed design after it.

The beds come in three sizes:
40 x 30 x 4
x24 x 4
x 24 x 4

The second design comes in two colorways (Natural & Navy) and came about after trying to think of something super preppy & easily sell-able. I'd already been putting together ideas for "all over logo embroidery" shorts/ties and thought the same would be awesome for dog beds. I honestly think these are some of the best looking dog beds I've ever come across (I would) and like I said, easily sell-able because of its unique preppy style.

So there you have it, the first foray into products for Man's best friend. Will slowly expand the offerings as the line grows, with each product being as equally well made and unique as the beds.

Check out more bed details or purchase here:


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