Saturday, March 10, 2012

Clothes Horse Solves Fit Issues with Online Purchases

After spending a full year to design the best fitting Polos ever, by painstakingly drilling down on every sizing specification and going through 5 rounds of sampling, I was a little concerned about how to properly translate all of those specs to customers buying online. Guys could try on the Polos in the store or even at trunk shows to figure out the best fit but online purchasing wouldn't be so easy. A lot of guys don't know their exact measurements so listing all my crazy size specs could end up being more confusing than anything else.

Bloody Hell, these are some perfect fitting Polos
I randomly got contacted by one Vik Venkatraman a few months after putting the polos online and he introduced his still to be launched company, Clothes Horse ( ). He told me that his NYC based startup was going to change the way guys purchased garments online by having them answer a few questions which would then be processed using some sophisticated type algorithms (much too sophisticated for a simpleton like me) to help pick the customers exact size.  He wanted me to be one of a handful of testers and while I was a little skeptical (again, simpleton that I am), I thought it couldn't really hurt to try it out.

Fast forward about 5 months and the Clothes Horse application which I have embed into my site (via the little "what size am I" button on each of the polo pages) has been so effective that I haven't had a single Polo returned to me. From a customer service standpoint its been awesome for people to be able to utilize the very simple but super effective tool to figure out their fit immediately without having to call or email and on my end, not having to deal with exchanges and the extra shipping expenses associated has been amazing (when you run a one man operation, you appreciate not having to spend your entire day dealing with sizing issues & returns).

Screenshot of Fit Guide Questions

Clothes Horse launched the product a few weeks ago and judging by the amount of press and entirely positive feedback the application has gotten, it looks like old Vik & company are onto something big (and of course I was smart enough to sign up before anyone else, not such a simpleton after all eh?). 

They mentioned Duke & Winston as one of their early adopters and my site traffic blew up from all the articles (Here is a link to an article on Techcrunch, Duke & Winston gets a little mention near the bottom:

Anyhow, Great work by Vik & the rest of the Clothes Horse team, taking something that has had so many of us racking our brains and solving it in such a slick and simple way.......Feel free to advance me some stock in the company as a courtesy.(The Duke Insists).

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