Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Our Weekend at Artscape

Last Thursday, we shut the store down for the weekend, grabbed the whole team and headed down to Baltimore, MD for Artscape–a 3 day street festival, the largest of its kind in the US. The weather was unfortunately not on our side, as we were expecting thunderstorms. Regardless, we headed down hoping for the best.

We set up Friday in the pouring rain and didn't have a lot of luck at all with sales. The Duke wasn't able to come with us because of the weather so we were missing our #1 sales guy.

The only highlight of that first day came when we got the chance to watch a soaking wet Brian McKnight (not) perform on the stage right across from our booth. The general consensus among our crew was that Brian McKnight sucks pretty bad.

Saturday was more of the same, but we did meet a lot of people who were already fans of the line. We also met some new friends and new contacts. The tanks were a huge hit and we almost sold out of our stock, even with the rain (We will be getting more in next week).

Finally, on the last day, the weather broke. On Sunday we really got to experience the largest art-related event in the country. There were at least 200,000 people and we were completely swamped for the entire day.

Folks unfamiliar with the brand were very impressed by the imagery, branding and booth set up and we are excited to successfully introduce yet another city to the D&W brand.

Weather aside, this was a great weekend and we'll definitely be back next year. Hopefully, the rain takes it easy on us next time.


Hotel said...

I live in Baltimore and would have been happy to host the Duke. I've got 4 of your shirts and am also a bulldog owner.

candiceeecane said...

Saw you guys on Saturday, glad you got to experience it a little Sunday bc it really is as awesome as you might have heard. I was too impressed with your brand I love seeing original screen printers and designers coming up around the area! Thanks for coming to bmore!