Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Benjamin Franklin Virtues Tees

Benjamin Franklin's 13 Virtues has served as inspiration to us over the years as we've matured both in our business & personal lives.

In an age where most of our generation aspire more to Reality Television stardom than to becoming Leaders and Captains of Industry, finding inspiration can be futile & frustrating.

For us, the past has always been a great source of insight and Franklin's virtues (written in 1726 at the age of 20),  are still the perfect guide to self improvement both personally and professionally.

We've taken a few of the more relevant virtues and designed a set of 4 stylish inspirational graphics in an attempt at motivating folks like us (entrepreneurs, creatives, do-ers & independent thinkers) who strive to lead better lives, uplift those around them and perform at the highest level in all that they do.

Check out our 4 Virtue Tees here:

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