Thursday, December 6, 2012

The Real Brains Behind Duke & Winston, My Dad

Here is my Dad, "Professor" Joel who drove all the way down from Rhode Island today to pitch me his million dollar idea of putting ID chips in socks so you don't loose them. He even brought a plastic bag full of single socks to show me firsthand how this is a real problem for him and "billions" of frustrated men & women around the world. He had pages and pages of ideas & sketches and even got the office white board involved (erasing some of my best doodle work in the process). Every time I tried to tell him why it might not work (mixing electric chips & washing machines for instance) he'd say "what if people told Bill Gates the computer wouldn't work?" or "Don't dismiss a man and his dream"

This guy is where I get my hair-brained ideas from and is Duke & Winston's biggest supporter (aside from when he calls me at 6am every morning and tells me to think about putting Rhinestones on my Tees.."I'm telling you son, rhinestones on t-shirts is the next big thing. I'm you're father and you must listen to me. Don't miss out this idea of a lifetime"

His insistence that his children constantly think about their own ideas however outrageous is the reason Duke & Winston is here today and so I won't dismiss him and try to help him realize his dream of electronic old man socks even though it might probably (definitely) bankrupt us both.

Seun O

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