Friday, May 17, 2013

Duke & Winston x Beefy The Bulldog Collab

Beefy on his board

Hands down our favorite collaboration yet, Beefy is the famous world-renowned skateboarding bulldog and a new friend of the Duke. He is constantly travelling around the country or appearing on t.v shows/commercials showing off his skating skills and as soon as we caught one of his youtube videos, we knew we had to get a collab in. Beefy has been down to our store a few times and has become fast friends with our Duke (even though Duke is a bit jealous of Beefy's skills). The awesome collab tee we've designed shows beefy doing what he does best.....See design below.

We will be launching the tee tomorrow at the Rittenhouse Row Festival (link) w/t Beefy along as our special guest of honor. If you are in the area come check out our booth and meet beefy. We will be set up on Walnut Street at 15th.

Check out the collab tees below and Beefy's site here:

Beefy Tee (Stone Denim) -

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