Monday, February 3, 2014

Win a free tee! #RockinMyDW contest

Dear customers, fans & friends,

We're happy to announce the relaunch of #RockinMyDW: a monthly contest for a chance to win a free tee! Here's how it works:

1. Each month, we'll post a theme online. (For instance, "At the Beach," "In a Foreign Country," or "With Your Dog.")

2. Take a picture of yourself wearing D&W, matching the theme.

3. Post your photo to Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram. Remember to hashtag #RockinMyDW.

4. Duke will pick his favorite at the end of the month, and we'll send the winner a free logo tee.

5. Follow us on Facebook (, Twitter (@DukeandWinston), and Instagram (@DukeandWinston) to find out if you won!

6. Stay tuned each month for the updated theme.

This month's theme is: "Me & My Valentine"

Post a picture of yourself wearing D&W with someone you love
(your significant other, your best friend, or pet).

Put those camera phones to use, and thanks again for supporting Duke & Winston!

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