Tuesday, April 1, 2014

"Think Local, Give Local" Collaboration Tees

As a company founded in the City of Brotherly Love, we believe strongly in partnering with those who love and support our local community. As part of our series of local collaborations, we have teamed up with Philadelphia-based Iron Chef Jose Garces and the Garces Foundation to design these "Think Local, Give Local" tees. Every shirt sold will help fund a checkup for a patient on Community Health Day.

Get the shirt, support the cause:

The Garces Foundation provides Philadelphia's immigrant community with much needed health and educational resources. For instance, restaurant workers can improve their English, build confidence, and learn job skills in 
English for the Restaurant and Everyday Living classes. School children can experience organic farming, learn how to cook with fresh, healthy ingredients, and exercise their minds and bodies on Luna Farm Field Trips. And ANYONE can get free dental and medical health assessments at the quarterly Community Health Days. All Philadelphians deserve access to these essential resources so they can help make the city a better place to live, eat, and play. 

Learn more about the Garces Foundation:

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