Monday, July 14, 2014

D&W x Brolik: Innovate or Die

We've teamed up with our friends at Brolik, a local digital agency, whose grassroots growth has been similar to our own, to collaborated on a t-shirt that represents our two companies and the emerging startup culture in Philly. “Innovate or Die” expresses the bootstrapping, creative, do or die mentality that is needed to build and sustain a company in Philadelphia (and in any city for that matter).

The collaboration started last year when Jason Brewer, CEO of Brolik approached us with an idea to feature startup companies in Philly through a series of shirts. Over time the collaboration focused more on the attitude and grit of early stage companies, culminating in the Innovate or Die theme, a message we felt any entrepreneur in the thick of it can relate to.

The Brolik team fleshed out the concept & design, with us doing what we do best, making sure the concept worked well and would be successful on apparel (not as easy as it sounds). After 2 full months brainstorming & revisions, we are happy to present our most collaborative collaboration to date, The Duke & Winston x Brolik Collab: Innovate or Die.

Check out the Innovate or Die tees here:

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